All Organic Sulfur / MSM Products are not created equal.

We work hard to bring you the very best.
There are so many MSM and Sulfur products on the market these days. Some, you can even find in Walmart. The mass marketed brands have wonderful advertising campaigns. And they tell all kinds of stories.

Some of these products may be good. Some are not so good. Too many of them, we simply would not want to put in our bodies, because of additives that may be harmful or block absorption, free flow agents and fillers. Many products are produced inexpensively in China or India from petroleum derivatives.

We've searched for an Organic Sulfur that we can trust. We finally found one that we really feel good about. With zero fillers, zero additives of any kind. Just Pure Organic Sulfur that's made in the USA - by the highest quality standards, and a superior process. We feel we get better results than with any other sulfur supplement we have tried. Friends and customers have told us the same.

People say they are amazed at the difference in the results they get. It's not so surprising, when you know about the range of products out there. We feel that you haven't really experienced how much good Organic Sulfur can do until you've nourished your body with real Pure Organic Sulfur.

Powder vs Crystals, or Flakes:

Some prefer Powder, because it dissolves more quickly.
We are told it is identical to the Crystals except that the powder is finer. Because it is 99.9% pure (with the balance being moisture), the powder tends to form clumps. That's a good sign. It tells you that no free flow agents were added. The clumping seems to vary with time of year, and the amount of humidity present at time of manufacture. Should it form clumps, you just thump it on a countertop, scrape it with a spoon or break up the clumps as you use it.

Others prefer the Crystals, sometimes called Flakes or Granules.
First, they resist clumping because they are not as fine. So they might be a better form of organic sulfur if it won't be used immediately. They just take a little longer to dissolve.

But there's a bigger reason some prefer the Crystals / Flakes: They say they get slightly better results than with the Powder. The reasoning is that the Crystals or Flakes remain exactly as they naturally formed when they were made. And the grinding or sifting represents a very slight processing. So purists prefer Organic Sulfur in the crystal form.

We haven't personally seen a difference in effectiveness one way or the other, so we carry both and let you decide. To see for yourself, if you have a preference, you can order a pound of each.

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